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Programs in Museums and Historical Centers


This traveling show brings to life the music and songs of our American pioneers! The "experience" features a variety of engaging activities appropriate for all ages including lecture/demonstrations, instrument display, and hands-on music making. All programming can be readily customized to match any installation or theme.

The following program components can be presented individually or combined to form a customized "experience":

1) LECTURE / DEMONSTRATIONS - 15-30 minutes each; presented individually or repeated throughout the day

A delightful blend of historical information, playful dialogue, and music played on the jewsharp, spoons, musical saw, limberjack, noseflute, autoharp, washboard, washtub bass, banjo, & guitar. Audience involvement includes singing and participation in an impromtu old-time jam band!


Featuring a variety of vintage instruments including the ukelin, banjo ukulele, autoharp, jewsharp and limberjack collections, spoons, musical saws and more!

3) MUSIC MAKING - 20-45 minutes

In this hands-on workshop participants learn how to play the spoons, kazoo, noseflute, limberjack, washboard, and washtub bass, culminating in an old-time music jam! For those who are interested, this is an excellent follow-up to the lecture/demonstration presentation. Participants also have the opportunity to play the musical saw.

4) FRAYED KNOT - pioneer string figures & string magic

Appropriate for ages 6 & up, this workshop is always a big hit! Participants learn how to weave a simple loop of string into a variety of lifelike figures and magic escape tricks, just like the pioneers did! Typically schedules for 30-60 minutes. String and follow-up materials provided.

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