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Programs for Other Public and Private Events

Rick's variety of entertainment possibilities are guaranteed to provide a fun and festive atmosphere at any public or private event, be it a wedding reception, birthday, anniversary, company party, picnic, banquet, trade show, convention, fundraiser, fair, camp activity, or special holiday event. Options include a solo, duo, or group act providing entertainment appropriate for all ages and any mix of children and/or adults.


1) MUSIC - A lively blend of pioneer music and swing-jazz from the 20's & 30's, played on guitar, banjo, autoharp, mandolin, ukulele, and lesser-known instruments such as the musical saw, spoons, jewsharp, limberjack, washboard, kazoo, and washtub bass. The entertainment can be formatted to include any combination of a concert/demonstration, background music, and audience participation. Sound system provided.

2) DANCE INSTRUCTION - Simple squares, circles, and line dances taught right on the spot! No prior experience is necessary! Loads of fun! This can be interspersed with the music listed above or be the main event. The dancing is accompanied by a combination of live and taped music. Sound system provided.


Same as the solo options above but with two players, resulting in a fuller sound; plus the option of some acoustic country/blues and vocal harmonies. Sound system provided.


Same as the solo and duo options but with 3-5 players, resulting in the fullest sound; plus the option of additional instrumentation including the fiddle, bass, and hammered dulcimer. Sound system provided.

NOTE: Promotional materials for the Solo Options are available in media kit. For promotional materials for the Duo and Group Options, contact Rick.
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